Vote on repeal scheduled

The bill to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire HB437 has once again been scheduled for a vote next week March 21. The bill must be voted on by March 29th cross over day when all House bills must go over to the Senate for Senate action /p>p>It is time to take action. So call your legislators today We need every State House Representative to hear from pro-equality voters in their districts. /p>p>When you call or leave a message please say your full name, where you live, and that you are calling to urge the Representative to protect marriage for committed New Hampshire couples. New Hampshire has never taken rights away from people and now is not the time to start certainly not now during these very tough economic times. Please let us know how the call went at>p>The bill may pass the NH House and Senate. If it dos the Governor will veto the bill. The bill will not become law unless both the NH House and Senate can override the veto. To override the Governorrsquo;s veto it takes 2/3 of those present both in the NH House and Senate to vote to override. With full attendance that would be 266 of 400 House members and 16 of 24 Senators voting to override. It would take 134 House members to vote no( nay) to block.