In 2009, Governor John Lynch signed into law a bill allowing committed gay and lesbian couples to marry. Now, more than a year after this law has been in effect and about 1,300 loving couples have been married, there an effort underway in the Legislature to take away marriage from gay and lesbian couples.

“Live Free or Die” values

Eliminating the freedom to marry doesn’t square with New Hampshire values.  We take responsibility for our own– and we don’t want the government interfering in our lives.  Equality and freedom are what we value most in the Granite State and that means all of us, not just some of us. Gay and lesbian couples share the same values of other couples, like love, commitment and family.

Marriage equality is popular

According to two polls, one from the University of New Hampshire and the other from New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, the law allowing gay couples to marry is actually popular.  The overwhelming support for the law — and opposition to eliminating it — crosses geographic, generational and even party lines. Sixty-six percent of Independents and even one in three Republicans oppose repeal.

It’s the economy, not social issues

Voters agree with the Republican leadership — that government should focus on building the state economy and creating jobs.  An astounding number of Republicans — 96 percent — say the state should stay focused on the economy and leave social issues alone.

Why marriage is so important

Many gay and lesbian couples want to protect and defend marriage in the Granite State because they are in love. They want to make that long-term commitment to each other. They want to experience life’s ups and downs — as a responsible married couple. Current law makes clear churches and other religious organizations do not have to recognize gay unions.